About The Instructor


I began my lifelong love & investigation of movement at a very young age. After years of dancing, however, I found myself with too many physical problems way too young. In search of movement to heal my body and become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally, I found my way to several movement forms: yoga, Chen family style taichi, & unit body strength training. Within these movements I found my answers and learned a lot about how they affect both brain development & function. Training around the world I continue to seek better ways of moving.


I am committed to making movement available for every body.  After years of study, training, & teaching I understand that while not all bodies are the same, we can all learn to better apply movement principles.  By doing so, we bring the form to fit the body while strengthening and creating neural pathways. Regardless of your current physical ability patterns, range of motion,  balance, sensitivity, flexibility and brain function can be improved with practice.


I offer fitness, yoga, movement, & TaiChi classes for a variety of ages & abilities. With more than fifteen years teaching experience it is my joy to bring these classes to new people and help to create the sense of community that shared movement, breath, & learning can provide. Over the years I have developed a system of teaching that allows me to facilitate learning for multiple abilities in one class.  This ensures personal experiences & growth for all of my students. I teach connection to your body… your practice… and I promise you are worth the time!


Victoria Cloud BS, LCT, CAFIT, AFAA Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Nationally Certified Group Exercise Instructor, Certified Perinatal Trainer, Certified CPK level I, Silver Fit Certified, Chen Family Recognized Instructor, ASHI Level IV Instructor, NACYT200