Learn Chen Style TaiChi

TaiChi Classes

Our classes use ancient movements & principles to build heathy movement & new neural pathways at any age. Resulting in better mind body connection & safer living.

Yoga Houston

Yoga Classes

Yoga breath & relaxation, flow, whole body strength, challenging… Postures, relaxation, & flow, into the body…. Let me introduce you to yoga to fit your body, deeply engaging with the postures to release tension & allow you to relax into this moment.

Personal Training

PT Unit body training, Our personalized private training we use a wide variety of exercise & movement to bring connectivity into the body creating better ways to move, building strength, & breaking plateaus.

PE Classes

HS PE Agility, teamwork, sports, readiness, focus, & integrative developmental movements plus a whole lot of fun can be expected in this child centered class.

Welcome to Victoria Cloud Movement!

Do YOU love to move?  Do you have a favorite sport or hobby that gets you up and going everyday?  How do you feel after you finish?  Invigorated?  Balanced?

I LOVE to move. I love to help others move. Movement makes me feel strong; even invincible! Time and again movement clears the fog from my mind, improves my balance, keeps my body running smoothly, and, in general, makes me feel better.

While it can definitely be challenging to find the time to exercise, I’ve never finished a workout or training session and thought, “That was a waste of time.” For me, it is always the opposite! I move through the rest of my day with better focus and energy for what I and my family need.

I am so blessed to find myself in the business of building better minds & bodies! I offer multiple modalities for humans aged 5 to 105. Take your time looking around.  Ask yourself, “What suits ME best?”  Is it Homeschool PE classes?  Maybe Yoga? What about Taichi? Bootcamp? Personal Training?  Whatever movement you need, VC Movement has an option for you.

 There is a Movement for Every Body at VC Movement!